Wall Hangings

We can help you complete a finished space that is ready for you to enjoy.
Put up your feet and relax in your new space, no more worrying about un-hung items which may take you months to get to.


Do you need an expert to help to rearrange your space? We can provide you with great ideas and the muscle to get it done fast and easily.


Do you need to clean a space before and after you have a piece of furniture moved? We can help you clean, clear up new spaces, attic, basement, garage, and more. Give us a call.


Let us help you organize your space for a fresh look. We do closets, pantries, garages and more. We’ll help you organize to make more use of your space.

Furniture Assembly

Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture in a box and can’t find the time to put it together? Problem solved, call the Haughton Team. Have one of our professionals stop by, we’ll deliver a perfect finish job.

Touch ups

We fix nicks, nail holes, paint touch ups and minor repairs.
Whether you are coming or going, we’ll keep you looking good.